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"To Provide Quality Legal Advice and Representation For Government Ministries Departments and Agencies"

Core Functions & Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Civil Division include:

  • Providing legal advice, when requested, to Ministries, Government departments and statutory bodies;
  • Representing the Attorney General in meetings with Ministries, departments, statutory bodies, committees, boards of inquiries, taskforces, etc;
  • Drafting and vetting contracts and other legal documentation;
  • Conducting and managing civil litigation and arbitration on behalf of the Government;
  • Representing the Attorney General in matters and proceedings under the Legal Profession Act [Cap 132];
  • Providing advisory services with respect to legislations and law reform project;
  • Performing company secretarial in Government Linked Companies (GLC);
  • Negotiating and drafting international treaties and agreements (e.g. DTAs, BITs) and Memorandum of Understandings, (in addition to those handled by the International Affairs Division); and
  • Conducting talks and presentations to Ministries, departments and statutory bodies

Organisational Structure

Civil Division Organisational Chart 19.04.16.jpg

Contact Information