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Talk to Stella’s School by the Criminal Justice Division

A team of prosecutors from the Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers conducted talks to Stella’s School as part of their efforts to educate the youth of Brunei Darussalam of cybercrime and the importance of Internet safety.

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The talk, which was entitled ‘Cybercrime and the Risks and Dangers of Social Media’, was delivered over two sessions to the Year 6 students of Stella’s School. A total of over 100 students attended the two talks delivered by Deputy Public Prosecutors Hjh Rozaimah binti Hj Abdul Rahman, Siti Nurjauinah binti Hj Kula, Sharon Yeo and Dk Hazirah Pg Mohd Yusof.

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The talk was tailored to cover areas of cybercrime that may involve children and teenagers including cyber bullying, online blackmailing and the spreading of unverified messages. Real examples of cases that have been brought to the Courts of Brunei Darussalam were also given during the talk to highlight that such incidents can occur in our nation. The speakers also educated their young audience of the consequences of befriending strangers online whose true intentions may be unbeknownst to them until it is too late. It was highlighted to the students how easily someone can pose as another person online and that the information or personal media they share can be taken advantage of by criminals lurking on cyber space. The students were advised to avoid disclosing personal information online and to immediately inform a guardian or teacher of any concerns they may have.

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Following the talks, the students were given the opportunity to ask the speakers questions. The speakers left the students with the important message to ‘Think Before You Post’.

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The Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers invites schools and educational institutions to contact the chambers if they are interested in holding such talks in the future. Requests for such talks should be addressed to the Criminal Justice Division, Attorney General’s Chambers, the Law and Courts Building, Jalan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha, Bandar Seri Begawan BA 1910 Brunei Darussalam.