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Understanding the Law : Roles and Responsibilities of the Government
The New Islamic Year 1440 Hijrah Celebration
Prosecutors-General Conclude 11th China-ASEAN Prosecutors-General Conference by Signing Joint Declaration
Sharing Of Best Practices The Focus Of The 11th China-ASEAN Prosecutors-General Conference
Opening Ceremony of 11th China-ASEAN Prosecutors-General Conference
Courtesy call with the Right Honourable Patrica Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth
National Seminar on Awareness Building On Digital Copyright And Related Rights 'Tapping On The New Techs And Apps : Opportunities And Challenges'

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- S 64/2018 - Supplementary Supply (2017/2018) (No.4) Order, 2018
- S 65/2018 - Supplementary Supply (2017/2018) (No.5) Order, 2018
- S 68/2018 - Syariah Penal Code Order, 2013 (S 69/2013) – Notification of commencement
- S 69/2018 – Syariah Courts Criminal Procedure Code Order, 2018 ( S 9/2018) – Notification of commencement